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The worst piece of Nigerian spam ever?

It's bad. Really bad...

Dear Friend,

Compliments of the day! I am writing this letter to you with believe that I can share a secret with you. You may be wondering who I am and why I am sending this letter to you, I am someone you know and also heard of.

The question here now is, can you assist me with my request.My name is Dr. Winnie Madikizela Mandela, ex-wife to Dr. Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa. You must have also heard or read about the problem I am having with my husband and also the problem I am presently facing in my country South Africa. My husband is doing everything possible to bring me down to nothing, but I know that he shall not succeed with his plans, as God Almighty is on my side because I am innocent. No need to go into details here about the problem I am having with Nelson Mandela, as it will take our whole time. You can read about that from the newspapers or from the Internet. Mandela accused of me infidelity, murder and mbezzlement, but I am telling you the whole truth from my heart, I am innocent of all he and his colleagues are accusing me of. This is a man I laid my life for 27 years when he was in prison and now this is how he wants to pay me back.

The cause of all these problem, was when he received rumour that I was dating his lawyer when he was in prison, which was a lie. I made him to understand that someone is trying to blackmail me, that I have been faithful to him ever since we got married. He didn't want to listen to my own story, he instead went ahead and started making trouble with me, throwing all sorts of accusation on me and using that as an excuse deal with me as in revenge. The embezzlement issue brought about the confiscation of my banks account and investments, his aim is to render me poor and send me to prison through their murder accusation, but God Almighty will not allow them to succeed. I shall fight them to the last. He has bought over Thabo Mbeki our present President, because he was the one that puts him there.

Before I made known to you my reason of contacting you, I wish to confirm the existence of this your email address and also a promise from you that you shall treat my communication with you confidential. My reason of contacting is a good cause which you shall benefit from.

Please, write me back to confirm if your email address is safe. Also send me your private phone numbers. Find in the attachment, my pictures, so that you will know that this mail is from me. I found it difficult in attaching the picture, so confirm if you received them okay. I am hoping that you shall treat this
communication as TOP SECRET. I am always on the Internet at nights, so we can chat if you can be on the Net then. Contact me through this my personal email box,

Thank you and God bless you. Please, always remember my problems in your prayers, for my victory.


Dr. Mrs. Winnie Madikizale Mandela.
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