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Looking for that perfect editor...

I used to be a fan of PFE, the Programmer's File Editor. It was a good tool at the time, and it was a sad day when its developer decided to move on to other things. Since then I've been struggling to find a good free text editor for Windows. I spent a while with one or two professional tools, but they were't small, lightweight applications I could quickly download onto clients' machines when I needed something with a bit more power than Notepad.

Today I came across Crimson. Not only is it freeware, but it has plenty of modern features, including the ability to integrate compilers and display command line outputs, as well as a built in file explorer, and syntax hightlighting for most of the languages I'm likely to use. And it's only an 800KB download.

Somehow, I think it's likely to become a standard part of my Windows utility installation...

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