Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

LocoRoco: Definitely addictive...

I'm not particularly a game player. Sure, I have a couple of game machines around the house, but you'll probably find me playing any solitaire version or Nethack before I fire up the PSP or the PlayStation...

When I first saw the name I thought "Oooh. Trains". But, then I saw its technicolour blobs and filed it under "cute, but." Especially with the cost of PSP games...

Sony made a sensible decision, and produced a demo that could be downloaded straight onto a PSP (after yet another ROM upgrade), and play from a memory stick. It's a marketing move that's got me hooked. LocoRoco's controls are simple (just three buttons, and you can get away with using two most of the time), as are the graphics. However, what really sold me was that it's a trip back to the old 8-bit days of decent level design with clever puzzles and enough random factors to keep you trying to get to the end.

I suppose I really should get the rest of the game, but that first level is calling...

Flash needed for the LocoRoco site.
Tags: games, locoroco, psp
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