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New toys...

My friend Jon has loaned me his old iPod, so I can see how I get on with it. I have to say it's the nicest MP3 player I've used. It's small, passes the "do I notice it in my pocket?" test, and the sound quality is pretty good. The design is typical 21st century Apple, all translucent polycarbonate and polished aluminium.

One problem is that I don't have a firewire Mac, so I can't use the iTunes software. However, one thing I do have is a nice new soundcard in the PC with two fully powered firewire ports. And there's a company called Mediafour, who are working on a piece of software called XPlay that integrates the iPod into Windows. I downloaded it this morning, installed it on Ogwen, and vavoom - instant iPod access as a Windows drive, just drag and drop music onto it and the iPod's own software catalogues it and it's ready to listen.
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