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Exchange Push

I've finally got Exchange's new push email set up on my phone (and on the house mail server). I have to say, it rocks. It works really well and I'm getting mail on my phone before it pops up on my desktop PC.

That's not to say there weren't some rocks along the way.

Everything began smoothly enough. Downloading and installing the AKU2 Windows Mobile 5.0 update working on my SPV C600 was fairly straightforward. I still need to reinstall some favourite applications, as the ROM install wipes the phone's memory, but that's pretty much par for the course.

Unfortunately for those of us who self sign our server certificates Orange has kept the ROM update tightly locked down, and the old certificate unlocking methods have stopped working. I ended up using the automated certificate installation tools that Orange have set up for registered developers to create a signed copy of my server certificate in a CAB file. It's easy enough to sign up for the service, but I really shouldn't have to be delving into the heart of my PKI to get this working...

I'm still waiting for AKU2 updates for the MDA Vario and the MDA Pro...

Next, on the mobile home email front, is getting our own Blackberry Enterprise Server up and running...