Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Shameless self promotion part the Nth - IM in the FT

Here's my first piece for the FT's Digital Business section - looking at just how businesses can get the most from instant messaging...
Glue that can help teams bond and gel

It is all to easy for office communications to disintegrate into endless telephone tag or firing e-mails to colleagues who are away from their desks.

So it is hardly surprising that instant messaging quickly moved from the consumer world into the enterprise – the mix of quick text chat and knowing who is logged on and ready to respond (“presence” information) was an answer to perennial problems.

But instant messaging (IM) is not just about quick conversations. IM technologies can be a social glue to help hold business communities together, allowing teams to communicate and share information without being tied up in more formal channels.
Read and enjoy!
Tags: digital business, ft, instant messaging, work, writing
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