Simon Bisson (sbisson) wrote,
Simon Bisson

Looking for Travis (in all the right places).

Looking For Travis
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While in Fort Lauderdale we visited the Bahia Mar Marina, the location for the home of John D. MacDonald's hero Travis McGee, in the houseboat Busted Flush.

The marina's been renovated recently, and the plaque at slip F-18 is currently in the dock office (which was closed). But we found the slip, and the rather fancy yacht that uses the real/fictional location.

Another literary pilgrimage complete.

Image mosaic from a Flickr set.

1. Bahia Mar Marina, 2. A Flush, Busted, 3. Bahia Mar Marina, 4. Bahia Mar Marina, 5. Bahia Mar Marina, 6. Across the waterway

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