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Man from Red Hat, he talk sense...

Linux desktops have always been confusing things. They've tried to be all things to all people, taking elements from Mac OS, the CDE, Windows, Motif and popular X Windows managers, and throwing them into a melting pot. And they all come out different, leaving us with Gnome/KDE religious wars instead of an easy to use, easy to configure desktop operating system.

Red Hat is currently betaing a version of its OS that attempts to offer similar looks, feels and functionality for both Gnome and KDE - to a mix of praise and derision. Well, file my vote on the side of praise - especially in the light of this essay from Owen Taylor at Red Hat. He makes a lot of sense on why they've done this, and on what it should mean for Linux desktop developers.

Sure, the L33T can skin away as much as they like, but folk who need to get work done as soon as they've installed the OS will find this move an important one, and one that will benefit them in both the long and short run, improving usability first and performance over time.
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