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Shameless MIX06 self promotion

Here's a piece of reportage I sent into the DevReg yesterday...
Microsoft’s sold-out MIX06 conference is a brave affair, attempting to bridge an almost impossible divide – the gap between developers and designers.

Under fake Italian skies, and hidden in the cavernous halls of Las Vegas’ Venetian hotel, 1700 attendees are learning about Microsoft’s new web technologies and, if all is going to plan, having a conversation about the future of the web. It's different from the usual sort of Microsoft event - with more than half the speakers coming from outside the company and many, many shiny Powerbooks among the hordes of laptops.
It's not the only piece on MIX06 I'll be delivering - I'm also working on copy for Web Designer.

Oooh - it's the second most popular piece in the section at the moment...
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