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A day later and at the other end of the Bay, time for a quick write up of the Thomas Dolby gig at Mighty in San Francisco last night.

What can I say - apart from that it was well worth waiting 23 years for.

Mighty is an anonymous warehouse under the flyover where the freeway merges into the streets of San Francisco. Go in the door, and you're in a reasonably sized (but still small and intimate) space - probably comparable to the old Mean Fiddler back home in London. The small stage was set up with TMDR's kit, including what turned out to be a vocoder hidden in an old oscilloscope casing. Keyboard at the front, and a Mac at the back loaded up and ready for bear...

The place slowly filled up (there can't have been more than 150 or so people in the end), while the DJ played slabs of excellent electronica.

TMDR came on-stage at about 11, dressed ion dot-com mufti and wearing an elaborate headset rig, with attached video camera. A video mixer used the camera to provide live video effects while he played. It was obvious that he enjoyed being back on stage, and proceeded to give us about an hour's worth of music,

So, the set list:

I Live In A Suitcase
Flying North
Europa (and the Pirate Twins)
She Blinded Me With Science

He'd only programmed up the first few tracks, so he had to set up "Hyperactive" and "Airhead" from scratch. Amusingly he played a riff or two from "Eastern Bloc" in the middle of "Europa". A nice touch. The jam that led into Airhead was fun, too.

The venue didn't seem to mind photography. Click on the mosaic for the Flickr photoset...

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