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Story skeleton: Kitsune vs. Hello Kitty

I was exchanging email with autopope at the end of last week, and somewhere along the line I had this story idea. I'll turn it into something longer (I'm guessing around 4000 words or so) once I've finished the tidying up on the current pieces. And actually getting round to submitting them...

Kitsune vs. Hello Kitty

A sunny spring day.There's blossom on the cherry trees. A bullet train is streaking past Mt Fuji. Zoom in and there's a girl dressed as an idol singer, listening to the latest hits on a minidisc player. She looks asleep. Look closely and you'll see how her ears are slightly pointed, which is why she wears that floppy hat.

Across the carriage a salaryman is carrying a steel briefcase. He doesn't know what's in it. It's just his job, and he wants to get it done and go home. He's taking the case from his firm to another in the same keiretsu. He's got a laptop out and is playing solitaire, lost in a pushing electronic cards around on the screen.

In another seat a child is playing with a Hello Kitty doll. She's singing a Japanese nursery rhyme. Soon she starts to phonetically sing something that sounds a bit like a European rhyme.

Across the carriage the briefcase starts to glow. In a flash of light it bursts open, turning the salaryman to ash. Something awakes and consumes its sacrifice, the entity inside the artifact in the case activated by a code string in the girl's random association song (she's obviously in a light natural trance as she plays and sings, and something from outside the universe has tweaked her song a little bit).

The girl faints and drops the doll. A surge of energy from the remains of the briefcase, and it starts to grow. Animated by some thing unholy and unknowable, the doll reaches human size and starts to waddle down the corridor at an incredible speed, claws slashing out at the terrified passengers.

The sleeping girl wakes, and grins. She's a fox spirit, the guardian of the train - kitsune as spiritual air marshal. It's her job to fight and banish the evil...

It's time to go to war.

The fox spirit attacks the doll, biting and scratching, all the while singing a song. It's not the physical actions that matter here (though they do stop the doll killing any more passengers). The song is pushing the entity back through the hole in the universe, back to the empty dark spaces between the light.

She finally suceeds, and the doll falls to the floor, a tiny, innocent toy.

Kitsune returns to her seat and the music.

As the train pulls into the station, another child picks up a Doraemon toy, not noticing the glow in its LED eyes...
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