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Moblogging Flickr

Now that Shozu have released clients for a whole new batch of phones, I've started using it as my main photoblogging tool

Shozu is rather nifty, and I've been raving about it every time I have meetings with mobile operators and equipment manufacturers, as this is the sort of tool that will really boost use of data services. It's a relatively simple application (that you have to kick yourself for not having thought of yourself!), that mixes a web service and a local client to offer a generic photosharing tool for Symbian Series 60 and Windows Mobile phones, with support for several popular image sharing sites, including Flickr.

All you need to do is browse your images, and choose what are to be uploaded. You can batch up a set for transfer, or send them one at a time. I use it to send images directly to Flickr with little or no hassle - there's no need to fiddle about with post by mail settings - as this is a mobile Flickr client with tagging support (complete with basic image rotation and scaling). You can even give images new titles before you upload them...

It's quick and easy to use, and works very well with my new Orange SPV C600.

This also means I'll soon be saving myself £2.50 a month by moving my security camera image blog Watching The Watchers from to a Flickr set. When I have time, of course....
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