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Suspending Sten

Today I finished the final piece of office reorganisation.

The 3 x 6 unit rack of Effektiv shelves now fills one side of the room, and is slowly filling up with kipple, while the venerable old Sten unit that sat beside my desk has now been mounted as a wall unit above marypcb's desk.

The tricky bit here was dealing with the room's picture rail - but four rubber door stoppers made excellent spacers, and the shelves now hang in the air in just the way that bricks don't. At least, now that's finally fitted, I don't have to perch precariously above a desk, powertools in hand while trying (like a doctor in ER hunting for a vein) to find a spot for a rawplug in a wall full of blown dry paster...

The whole exercise made and excellent excuse for purchasing a cordless screwdriver/drill combo - which came in the most macho black and orange box. marypcb rather enjoyed carrying it home from the shops...
Tags: ikea, office, shelves
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