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Too many mailing list emails today contain links to video memes that have been around the block far too many times. They also have one more thing in common - they all point to videos that are stored on Google Video.

"Google Video: making it easier, and quicker, to annoy the entire world."

I guess we have one thing to be glad about: that damn crazy frog appeared before Google's video tools...

No more, I beg of you! Please...

(People emailing links to David Hasslehof singing "Hooked On A Feeling", I'm looking at you. Yes, you.)



Jan. 16th, 2006 06:08 pm (UTC)
At least nowadays people just email the URLs of these things. Which is somewhat less-stressful on the infrastructure than having 12,000 staff of a company distributed across 30 sites all emailing the stupid videos to everyone's address-book and all known internal circulation-lists as an *atachment*.

[The famed "exploding whale" video was responsible for comprehensively wedging the entire email infrastructure of one of my clients for nearly a day.]