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10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Honest. Would I lie, or use a meme generator?

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Sbisson!

  1. It's bad luck for a flag to touch sbisson.

  2. Medieval knights put the skin of sbisson on their sword handles to improve the grip.

  3. Humans have 46 chromosomes, peas have 14, and sbisson has 7.

  4. US gold coins used to say 'In sbisson we trust'.

  5. Sbisson is actually a mammal, not a fish.

  6. Sbisson has four noses.

  7. Sbisson was named after Sbisson the taxi driver in Frank Capra's 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

  8. Over 46,000 pieces of sbisson float on every square mile of ocean.

  9. There is actually no danger in swimming right after you eat sbisson, though it may feel uncomfortable.

  10. Half a cup of sbisson contains only seventeen calories.

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And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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