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Planes that never were...

Here's a Flight International article on airliners that never left the drawing board - from the proposed twin-jet version of the Douglas DC-10, to Boeing's Sonic Cruiser.

Like this British proposal for a VTOL short-haul airliner...

During 1969-71, Hawker Siddeley undertook extensive studies of a V/STOL airliner under the designation HS141. Equipped with a pair of pylon-mounted turbofans in a conventional underwing layout, the HS141 also had a broad belly extension incorporating 16 vertically mounted “advanced lift engines” – Rolls-Royce RB202s. Much effort was invested in ensuring that the aircraft’s noise levels were not excessive, although the likelihood of such an aircraft being quiet is small given its lift engines.
Try flying something like the HS141 VTOL from London City! Then there was the BAC 3-11 - a wide-bodied long-haul follow-up to the noisy Pocket Rockets that were the bread-and-butter airliners for BEA and a whole flotilla of charter airlines in the 1970s...

Something for the alternate historians.

(nice to see Flight's openness - they're even blogging! Now for AvLeak to drop its paywall)
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