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Pimp My Browser

One of the good things about Firefox is the ability to add new features through extensions. If there's something you've wanted a browser to do, then there's probably a Firefox extension already written to do it...

Here's my list of extensions (all working on Firefox 1.5). With links so you can install them too!
  • Forecastfox - instant weather forecasts all the time!
  • Google Toolbar for Firefox - it's the Google Toolbar. You need an explanation?
  • PDF Download - manage whether PDF files are rendered in the browser (you can even view them as HTML), or if you'd rather download them for future reference.
  • IE View - launches the page you're viewing in Internet Explorer - a useful tool for debugging pages, and testing code.
  • BugMeNot - get past those pesky log ins for sites like the New York Times...
  • FlickrFox - integrated Flickr browsing.
  • Tabbrowser Preferences - I mainly use Firefox for the tabs. This extension makes using them a lot easier.
  • Web Developer - see just how that page was put together - including DHTML and CSS features.
  • Allow Right-Click - disable JavaScript right-click blockers, so you can get the URIs of images and print pages...
  • Bookmarks Synchronizer - I can keep my bookmarks on a public web server, and make sure all three of my machines have the same bookmarks.
  • - manage social bookmarks from inside the browser.
  • Viamatic foXpose - see all your tabs - in one view. More useful than you might think at first...
  • SessionSaver .2 - saves open tabs when you close the browser, so you come back to the pages you were at last time.
  • Clip to OneNote - adds the selected content to a OneNote side note. Only useful if you use OneNote as your standard note taking application!
  • Restart Firefox - one button restart for when you install a new extension or theme! With SessionSaver, you're back the way you were in seconds.
  • DownThemAll! - download everything from a page, faster than using Firefox's own download tools.
  • IE Tab - embeds IE in a Firefox tab, ideal for debugging web sites and working with IE only sites (Windows only).
  • FireFTP - a full FTP client, right there in the browser.
  • Colorful Tabs - colours tabs, making it easier to see the active tab, and switch between sites and pages.
  • How'd I Get Here - takes you back to where you started to explore a site - even across tabs.
  • Blogger Web Comments - keep an eye on what one small part of the web is saying about the page you're viewing.
  • Spell Bound - form field spell checker.
  • Fasterfox - network speed tweas for Firefox.
What are you using? And why?
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