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Six in six days

Jennifer Crusie novels that is...

After finishing karentraviss' The World Before at San Francisco International Airport ("cracking read, Gromit"), I picked up marypcb's copy of Jennifer Crusie's Faking It. After a perfunctory chapter or two on the plane, I left it until I got on the tube home. Suddenly I found I couldn't put it down. A story of conmen, art fakes (not forgeries), dead husbands, dysfunctional families, and true love in closets, it read like a Nora Ephron romcom movie, only with an added dose of what can best be described as "snark". I rather enjoyed it...

Since Monday I have also read Welcome To Temptation, Bet Me, Fast Women, Tell Me Lies and What The Lady Wants - and am about to start Crazy For You. Can I make it seven in seven? And where has marypcb put the rest of them?

Actually I blame tamaranth for all this1. She's the one who forced that copy of Welcome To Temptation on marypcb, which then got read out to me at various points (I think I was actually convinced to read the books by The Princess Bride quotes).

1In a good way, of course...
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