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Need to alarm a squirrel?

Get a hat!

A news piece from the Discovery Channel reveals how scientists deciphered the language of squirrels. They threw a hat at them.
Hare and his team coaxed squirrels to emit alarm calls by tossing a tan-colored brimmed hat in front of the animals. The hat mimics a bird or animal predator in color and can move low and fast.


"In effect then, whistles that incorporate chucks say 'there's a predator of moderate threat that's here,' whistles without chucks say 'there's a predator of seemingly moderate threat around here somewhere,' while chirps that in nature don't incorporate chucks say, "I'm ducking for cover here because there's an immediate danger,'" Hare told Discovery News.
So if a rain of acorns suddenly dislodges your fedora, you know who to blame. Because the squirrels will have finally organised and will be defending themselves against their natural felted predators...

I for one welcome our new furry little overlords.

"Whistle, chuck, chuck, whistle. Chirp!"