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Nichecasting goes too far...

500 channels and nothing on? Well nothing, unless you drive an Audi.

I've learnt my lesson. I shouldn't have been channel-hopping between all those odd little channels just under the movies.

Because I found it there: The Audi Channel.

Nothing but Audi content on a low-bandwidth satellite channel. While media organisations like Future Publishing built their market position on niche magazines, it seems odd that there's market space for a manufacturer-run advertorial channel. Sure, sponsor a show or send a DVD out to the world in a mass-mail shot, but fill bandwidth with your own advertising? Has channel space on the Sky satellites suddenly got cheaper than a prime time advert? Or is this just going to be a short-lived PR stunt?

What will be next? The Wiskas Channel? The Cillit-Bang Channel? The All New Ocean Finance Loan Channel? The Yes Car Credit Channel?

I think I'm scaring myself...
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