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Using an iPod as a car jukebox

While in the US I picked up a couple of neat gadgets, which when combined with an Apple iPod, give me a complete mobile MP3 solution for the car (if not entirely UK legal...). The Dr Bott's iPod Autocharger will power an iPod from a car cigarette socket, while an iRock rebroadcasts the iPod's output to a local radio receiver - in this case my car's stereo system. It's all very simple to put together, and works well - without any sound quality reduction. Not bad for round about $50 outlay...

Putting it all together was an excuse for a trip to an Apple store (as I couldn't find anything usable in Frys). Apple's Palo Alto store is a clean, almost antiseptic, shopping experience. It's a simple, wide open store, with good, helpful assistants and a "latest Mac" chrome whiteness. It's also got OS X look and feel credit card tools, with screen signatures for your purchases...
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