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Who needs clench racing*...

...when you have Fantasy Bed Time Hour?

As the web site puts it: "Two girls in bed ill equipped to handle fantasy novel concepts discuss Lord Foul's Bane"

They're currently up to episode 28 and pages 390-396. You have to love the synopses:
The Quest has left Manhome now as they head North or North East or possibly West to search for Drool Rockworm within the catacombs of Mt. Thundar. Along the way, Foamfollower's agitation with the region causes him to talk incessantly and regale the Questers with gay stories. As the weather shifts, Mormon announces that they have finally reached their destination. Mt. Thundar awaits!

Join us for this compelling yet somewhat discomforting episode of the Fantasy Bedtime Hour as we welcome our latest Expert in Lord Foul's Bane, Douglas!!!
Possibly not entirely safe for work.

*See The Well Tempered Plot Device for details
Tags: bad fantasy, lord foul's bane, public access tv
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