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Thinking aloud...

I'm pretty much decided (after conversations with folk at several tech companies) to set up a more tech focused blog, looking at companies and technologies I've been tracking for sometime. I've also decided to host it somewhere other than LJ - I want to use GoogleAdsense or similar to at least see if I can make a few pennies from my punditry.

I'll make an announcement of what I do (and where) soon enough. But it feels good to have decided to have a place where I can publish the things that may not get a home under normal circumstances. That and hone some of my writing skills in producing punchier, news-style copy.

Currently I'm thinking of focusing on SOA and the current phase change in enterprise IT - and the effects it has on business. I don't want it to be too technology focused, as I think there are significant business and IT pro impacts in everything that's going on (and that's not even considering the process and security implications).
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