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Photography of tube stations leads to arrest...

My friend and fellow IT writer David Mery was recently arrested under the Terrorism Act for reading SMS messages and carrying a rucksack at a tube station.

It turns out that one of the reasons why he was detained was that some of his work colleagues had recently had a training exercise where they had been taking photographs with camera phones (not surprising considering the business they're in):
Also that some staff had been seen photographing tube stations with a camera phone. (Most of my colleagues do have camera phones – also on 2nd June, as part of a team building exercise, new graduates were supposed to photograph landmarks and try to get a picture of themselves with a policeman.)
I wonder what the police would make of my other blog, "Watching the Watchers", if that happened to me? After all, I spend some of my time taking photographs of security cameras and publishing them on the internet...

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