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Woosh. Zzzzz. Eek. Puff. Puff. Pant. Zzzzz. Woosh.

A literally flying visit home - less than (count 'em) three days in Blighty before I head back to the left coast and sunny Silicon Valley. We were on the flight out of LA after peteyoung's on Thursday - but delays meant we couldn't bump into him at the airport.

Back in London, and today and a chunk of yesterday have been taken up with dealing with the results of a mouse or two taking up residence in the dried food cupboard while we were away. Our mogs are failing in their duties and need discipline (or possibly less food). Still, that cupboard has never been so clean...

All checked in on Virgin for my trip back to SF tomorrow for BEA World. I'm looking forward to Tuesday's keynote speech by Burt Rutan. I may even go all fanboy and get his autograph.

(In other news it appears that autopope and karentraviss are now bona fide airport novelists. I spotted books by both at SFO on Thursday as we transited to LAX for our flight home.)
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