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Around the North Bay

Sunday took us out of San Francisco, through the Golden Gate fog and up through Marin to the Sonoma valley. We stopped for brunch at a place just outside Marin, off the 101, called the Wild Fox. Excellent food, and it turned out the chef came from Carlisle, so she sent us free sticky toffee pudding... Mmmm....

Rick took us to see two of his favourite wineries, in the Glen Ellen area: Benziger and Imagery. Excellent wines, and for once I wasn't driving, so I could, err, partake in the tastings. We really liked the Imagery port, and their staff were really friendly. We also popped in on a friend of Rick's at their country spread... A lovely house in the woods. We paddled our hot feet in the pool.

We drove back via Sausalito - a lovely little bayside town - and stopped for dinner at a place called Scoma's, on a little pier out in the bay. It's a fish restaurant, and very good indeed...

Yesterday marypcb and I went into SF. We stopped at Cafe Flore on Market for brunch, and then took the F-line into the city. The preserved streetcars that run this line are beautiful, and we rode all the way to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. We stopped and watched the sealions at Pier 39 for a while, before wandering up the bay side walks to Aquatic Park, where we sat and watched the ships go in and out of the Golden Gate in a the warm sunshine.

As we were playing tourist, we took the Powell and Hyde cable car up over the hills back down to market and Powell. Wonderful views, and a fun ride. Not bad for a $10 3-day MUNI pass... We pottered around the shops for a bit, before taking the same cable car journey back to Aquatic Park. We wandered through the Cannery before grabbing another F-line back up Market to Rick's place for the evening...
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