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Yurts, robot secretaries, and talking dinosaurs

Salon reviews Carla Speed McNeil's wonderful Finder.
Carla Speed McNeil describes her comic book series "Finder" as "aboriginal SF," although "anthropological SF" is probably closer. More than anything else, it's about cultures both pre-technological and post-cybernetic, with all their totems and taboos, and the sparks that fly when they come into contact with each other. The science fiction part is what allows her to bring in any ideas she likes from history, technology and pop culture, real or imaginary, from yurts to robot secretaries to talking dinosaurs.
So rush out and read it now!

There really aren't any excuses - especially now there are several issues up on the web, including the first part of Talisman, the moving story of a young girl learning the joy of books and of reading.
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