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The joy of BlöödHag

You've got to love bands that sing speed metal songs about SF writers and throw books at their fans while touring libraries.
Crowds at BlöödHag shows can expect to be pelted with classic Sci-Fi novels while their hearing is destroyed by the balls-out attack that is uniquely Edu-Core. BlöödHag tears up the stage in a freaked-out frenzy of activity, pausing only to elaborate on the personal histories and great works of the authors the songs are about. In around twenty minutes the show is over, and class is dismissed. The crowd mills about, reading the books they were just hit in the head with, and feeling a whole lot smarter.
BlöödHag songs are biographical/bibliographical compressed works like this little ditty on Neal Stephenson:
On All Hallow's Eve in Fort Mead
In the shadow of the National Security Agency
Away in a mainframe, no crib for a bed
Born and bred by Propellorheads!
Snow Crash ensconced you as a prophet
Silicon Valley copped it to profit off it
Mysteries with just hints of SF Twists
Sealed with a kiss, language virus!
The Command Line Is The Beginning, where does it end?
Quicksilver writing with a fountain pen
Decode and encrypt! Decode and encrypt!
And write! Write now!
Or this one on Alfred Bester
$50 winner, S.F. contest proved Alfred Bester better than the rest
A few more stories pseudo-science non-stop
Like the plot of the Bester book you couldn't drop!
Wrote comics & radio on an 8 years break
'Til commercial TV proved more than he could take
He wrote... The Green Lantern Oath!
He Knew... What the Shadow knows!
When Campbell fell under L. Ron's spell
Alfred said, "You can fuckin' go to hell!"
Bloodhag think and drink to him still
Left his estate to his bartender in his will
Man is not slave to science. Science slaves for a man's mind
When that man unwinds- that's when Alfred Bester writes!
The Demolished Man!
The Stars My Destination!
Fondly Farenheit!
Oh yes. And there's more...

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