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The (tarmacadam) road to romance

The M6 Toll Road is a boon to all those of us who used to get caught up in the horrendous traffic snarl that was the M5/M6 junction. Smooth fresh road surfaces glide across the Midlands, bypassing all the hassle for a (relatively) small fee.

However, it turns out that the road's surface is made from romantic novels. To be precise, the top layer of the road contains around two and a half million Mills and Boon novels.
Richard Beal, the company's project manager for the M6 Toll, said the books' absorbent qualities made them a vital ingredient in the construction of the country's first pay-as-you-go motorway
There are 45,000 books per mile.

Amazing the things you find out from radio trivia quizzes.
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