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They know you, but you don't know them...

At the Open Tech conference, where the geek and the good have gathered to discuss the joys of the hands-on remix culture that the internet is helping grow...

One resonance is Danny O'Brien's talk on micro-celebrity. and how it relates to online presences. He points out how we have developed a culture that has transcended the Dunbar number (a group of 150 people), using software tools like buddy lists and friendslists. It's a technological crutch for Dunbar overload...

We chunk our Dunbar numbers and know less about the people we interact with onliine than we might with our offline relationships. However the web makes us deal with many more people as it has a history and a connection model. So our blogs become tools for making announcements rather than having conversations.

In the world of micro-fame we are our own PRs...

Word of the day: annecdata
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