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The Last Wedding Present

Someone gave us some John Lewis vouchers as a wedding present. Unfortunately they did this anonymously, through the wedding list we used...

The vouchers have been sat around for a while, stuck onto the cork board on my office shelves. Meanwhile the Sky+ box under the telly has been filling with films we haven't watched - and we've recently retired the video recorder. After all, who uses VHS these days? With the disk filling up, and Sky's 6 month viewing limit rapidly approaching we decided it was time to give the vouchers some exercise, and looked into getting ourselves a DVD recorder.

We did some online research and found that John Lewis was stocking the LG DR4912, which seemed to have all the features we wanted, and then some (including support for DVD+/-RW disc formats and built in firewire!) - and at a very good price indeed. So we headed off to Peter Jones, took a quick look at their display model, made our decision and picked one up, and then staggered with the bulky package down the Kings Road.

After a bit of crawling around on the lounge floor and swearing at bulky SCART cables, it's now connected up to the TV, replacing our old DVD player. It's already allowed us to back up one film without too much fiddling around. And it's nice and shiny with not too many blue LEDs...

Many thanks to the anonymous gift giver!
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