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Home again

Back again.

Security was very tight at Schipol, with a secondary search for everyone getting on to our London flight. Getting home wasn't too bad - the only hassle was the usual problem of there being no tubes at Terminal 4.

Oddly I'm feeling a little guilty that I wasn't here in London yesterday. Understandable I know, but still a strange feeling.

This year's TechEd itself was very useful, with good conversations with a host of Microsoft folk. I learnt a lot (even if I didn't get to attend as many sessions as I wanted thanks to a dose of a nasty stomach bug), and got to share some of my ideas on the current state of enterprise IT with a bunch of people, which is helping me refine my thoughts.

Of course the main reason for giving a week up to a conference is the possibility of work, and this year's TechEd seems to have been fertile ground. I've turned a couple of conversations into at least one Guardian article (with what I think could be a nice little scoop), and I have ended up with a selection of ideas to pitch in other places - including an interesting chat we had in the coach from the airport into Amsterdam on Sunday evening...

So. Onwards and Upwards.

Or at least to the Grand Prix on Sunday.

By helicopter.

From Milton Keynes.

Oh, the bathos!
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