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Living in the future: one day at a time

So, we're living in the future. We must be, if a sleepy edge of London town like Bromley is finding its way into the world of tomorrow despite its innate conservatism.

Take this lunchtime. After a walk through what can only be described as South London's answer to The Mall That Ate Watford, I found myself looking at a high street shop bearing a commemorative blue plaque. This shop was the site of the birthplace of H.G. Wells...

I'd have to wonder how he would feel to see the heart of his home town covered in a single building, while kids with skateboards and digicams frame tricks and get instant feedback on their concrete fantasies. If it didn't work, delete it and try again - editing your life on the fly with technology. And introducing a new watchword for teenage life - "Be patient - we can keep practicing until we get it right..."

It's a world a million miles from The World Set Free, and yet it's only just around the corner from the one time country town...
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