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I so need this on my car...

Living in London, I hope I'm a reasonable and careful driver. However, there's one thing I really really hate, after all these years as a driver. Even with power steering...

Parallel parking.

I live on a narrow street where most of the houses are flats (and we won't even mention the two month-old hole in the road just outside the house!) - and even with the high costs of parking, there are more cars on the street than there are spaces. Which means one thing - I have to parallel park pretty much every time, and make sure that I get the car close in to the curb. Keeping an eye on everything that's around me is a complicated thing...

...but now Nissan has solved the problem for me. Cameras all around the car are used to eliminate all the blind spots, and the resulting images are brought together and processed to form a overhead view of your car and surroundings. With it displayed using a monitor on your dashboard you can see in one place just how close you are to all the other cars around you...

Want now!

Hmm. I wonder if I could hack something together with the various old webcams in the house...
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