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I am a graphite rod (of sorts)...

...or at least the other sort of moderator.

So, for those who are really interested, here's my schedule for Intersection in August.

Thursday 2:00pm So, Private Spaceflight Is Here (1.5 hrs)

Simon Bisson (M)
Paul Chafe
Dan DeLong
Aleta Jackson
Mary Turzillo

SpaceShip 1 has won the X-Prize and Branson is buying a batch of the next model. We've been talking about what happens when we hit this point in programme items at cons for the last 20 years, so what do we think now that it's happened?

Friday 7:00pm Pro-Am Technobabble

Stephen Baxter
Simon Bisson
Paul Cray (M)
Dave O'Neill
Liam Proven
Charles Stross
Liz Williams

Dave O'Neill and Paul Cray present an authors-vs-fans special of their long-running panel game for the hard-sf geek. Can you tell your warp coil from your wormhole generator - and more importantly, can you tell your glamorous assistant what the difference is?

Sunday 2:00pm When I Were A Lad, We Used To Dream of 64K. (1.5 hrs)

Simon Bisson
Simon Bradshaw (M)
John Dowd
Terry Pratchett
Francis Spufford

Techno-nostalgia is increasingly popular coffee-table books on early computers, emulators for old games, calculators as expensive collectables. In the days of PDAs and gigahertz processors, why do so many of us have fond memories of the Good Old Days?

Sunday 5:00pm Alternate Technological History

Simon Bisson (M)
Steve Cockayne
Sean McMullen
Charles Stross
Steph Swainston

What were the roads not taken in the development of science and technology? Could we have really had Babbage machines, steam motorcars or Betamax video?
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