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London summer evenings

The August weather has improved somewhat. Running a pre-Bay Area trip errand last night, I walked down from the office on Wigmore Street to Fortnum and Mason, through the wide streets of Mayfair with their rich red brick buildings, before cutting through Berkley Square. No nightingales, but plenty of cows - as it had been colonised by a herd from the cow parade. One cow was obviously painted just for rowanf...

Rowan's cow...

I took a bus back towards Putney, getting off at Putney Bridge. There I wandered down to the riverside, to watch the water for a while, at catch the cool river breeze. The sun was gently setting over Putney Bridge, turning the river golden.

The view from bridge to bridge, panning east west between the Putney tube bridge (with added District line train - for the truly sad it's an Edgware Road-Wimbledon branch train), along the south bank of the Thames and the residential areas of East Putney, and then on to Putney Bridge itself. Click on the image for a larger version...
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