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Sadly we had to miss last night's Geek Dinner, as marypcb was decidedly under the weather.

All was not lost, however, as on Monday night we met the dinner's co-host and blogger-extraordinaire Robert Scoble (you might think I'm prolific here, but he's something else!) on Lenovo's boat-trip launch of their rather sexy new Tablet Thinkpad.

I'm a long-term convert to the dao of Tablet, and am currently happily on my second, but I have to admit, the Thinkpad X41T looks good - like most of the third wave of tablet PCs. Lenovo's presentation had holes in it that you could drive a large battleship through, but the hardware spoke for itself. It's light, looks good, and doesn't lose any of the Thinkpad inheritance in the transition from laptop to convertible format tablet.

Of course the X41T launch wasn't the real tech news of the night. Even though we were on a boat somewhere in the middle of the Thames a bunch of us were able to catch much of the buzz around the Apple Intel announcement - and even read transcripts of Steve's speech - while floating up to Chelsea Reach. Many thanks to the joy of smartphone!

Isn't technology wonderful?

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