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End of an era...

The classic phreaking and hacking ASCII-journal Phrack is shutting down, after 20 years...
Since 1985, PHRACK MAGAZINE has been providing the hacker community with
information on operating systems, network technologies and telephony, as
well as relaying features of interest for the international computer
underground. PHRACK MAGAZINE is made available to the public, as often as
possible, free of charge.
I remember reading the first few on amber-screen terminals hooked up to the University of Bath UNIX mainframe. I carried on reading it through my time in research, and until I left UKOL (it pays to read things like that when you're responsible for the security of a national ISP). It's been a while since I looked at an issue, and now I discover a call for papers for the final issue.

Still, at least there are the online archives.
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