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Woo hoo - Spaceship Two!

Details on Burt Rutan's follow-up to SpaceShip One have started to appear...

According to the folks at RocketForge (who attended the 2005 International Space Development Conference), SpaceShip Two will be designed to hit an altitude of more than 360,000 feet, with the aim of giving passengers about 5 minutes of weightlessness.

SpaceShip Two's White Knight (named "Eve" after Richard Branson's mother) will also carry passengers in a similar cabin to SpaceShip Two's, so that one set of passengers can watch another head for space- and the aircraft may also be used for parabolic zero-G training flights.

Not too long to wait, too: Spring 2008 for the first Virgin Galactic flights on the "Virgin Spaceship Enterprise".

In other space news, an official announcement of the upcoming X-Prize Orbital isn't far away...
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