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Recently read hard covers

Too many recent reads to cover even in capsule form..., enter the book table! This first covers recently read hard covers. Traders and mass-market paperbacks to follow...

Ken MacleodEngine City****The completion of Engines of Light, where all is finally revealed. Or is it
William C. DietzEarthrise*Run of the mill alien invasion soap opera runs over the top.
Michael ClarkThe Mysterious Greatwood*****Classic children's ecological fantasy rediscovered after 30 years.
Peter F. HamiltonMisspent Youth***Rutland weekend immortality results in an over-sexed romp.
Jerry OltionThe Getaway Special***Cheap FTL meets the world economy and everything goes boom! Then the aliens get involved...
Justina RobsonNatural History****What does it mean to be human (or post-human, for that matter) when confronted by the truly alien?
Dr Jeff Vandermeer and Dr Mark RobertsThe Thackery T. Lambshead Guide To Eccentric And Discredited Diseases***Many, many, many New Weird ways to die.
Leo Frankowski and Dave GrossmanKren Of The Mitchigai**Vancean picaresque meets military space opera and fails to inspire the reader.
John RingoHell's Faire***The conclusion of the Posleen war saga. Military SF enlivened by gratuitious Sluggy Freelance references.
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