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Why Delta rock...

..because they put a neat little bookmark in the at-seat care bag.

I'm shocked. An airline that actually expects you to read. And with cabin service that really puts United and AA in the shade.

In other travel news, Altanta airport was actually much less confusing than I'd been led to believe. This might well be because I was changing from one Delta flight to another. However I did find an iPod vending machine, which struck me as most peculiar. It has been photographed, and pictures will be posted in due course.

Las Vegas is hot, and the Wynn Hotel is extremely cool (and that's not just the air-con). We're on the 21st floor, with a wonderful view out to the mountains. I really didn't mind waking up at a god-forsaken hour, when I could watch the sun rise over the desert.

Cirque du Soleil tonight!

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