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Well, that was weird...

I have just been clapped into the Regent Street Apple Store by the entire staff. A very odd experience indeed.

I decided to go along to the UK public launch of Tiger, and arranged to meet codepope and spride in the queue. As codepope had been there since 4.30 he had a good spot near the front of the queue, so I joined him.

At 18:00 on the dot, they opened up the door of the store, and the crowd began to flood in. The whole staff was there, on the stairs and around the entrance, applauding the first 100 or so to come in. Ranks of black clad Steve clones, in their shiny new Tiger t-shirts. It was like being part of a cult - the cult of Macintosh.

It was quite fun, really, once I got over the embarrassment...
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