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Riding Albert Hoffman's Bicycle

Albert Hoffman's famous Basel cycle ride is one of the landmarks of psychedelic history. It's also one of the inspirations for an augmented reality tour of the city...

Developed by an art collective, Lifeclipper is an ungainly combination of components - but it's a combination that changes the way the wearer perceives the world.
As the subject makes his or her way around the tour, global positioning satellites help trigger visual high-jinks in the rucksack computer according to whichever zone the subject has wandered into.

Nikki Neecke, a sound-designer and musician for LifeClipper, says: "We have developed different scenes of picture sets and music, and we use the GPS to determine where we are in the street.
It's technology as art, and art built on technology. Straight out of Gibson...


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Apr. 24th, 2005 12:04 am (UTC)
must try out the HP recreation of the Bristol riots which is done in a similar way
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