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Battle Fairy Girl Help! Mave-chan

One of my favourite anime, the SF saga "Yukikaze", has a most unusual spin off.

"Sentou Yousei Tasukete! Mave-chan" (which translates as "Battle Fairy Girl Help! Mave-chan") began life as a doodle - where the AI-assisted fighter jets of Yukikaze became girls in costumes inspired by the aircraft - and turned into a rather unusual OVA.
Rei goes to an anime convention and ends up in a world created by the desires of anime fans. Rei doesn't know how to get back and the world starts to collapse because the convention is coming to a close.
It's a world of feisty girls who can fly. Sure, this is just another magical girl anime, but it's one that's running on Jet A1. Mave-chan maybe a girl, but she's all jet fighter...

From this: To this:

It'll be on the 3rd "Yukikaze" disc when it's released sometime in late 2005 or early 2006. Until then, you'll find Mave-chan on the usual fansub torrent sites...
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