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Across the flatlands

Florida is flat. And by flat, I mean "only just above sea level at its highest point".

This morning I drove from Orlando to Sarasota, cruising down I-4, watching the wildlife as I went. No dead armadillos at the side of the road, but I may have seen a herd of manatees as I crossed a river near Tampa. The roadside ditches were filled with herons and egrets, while turkey vultures and other raptors cruised the skies.

A lovely drive.

Now I'm at Orange's CodeCamp, a developer conference with a difference. It's taking a leaf out of the O'Reilly FOO camps and throwing a group of mobile developers into a campsite, giving them food, drink and wifi... Oh, and ponds full with alligators and snapping turtles.

Now, let's see what happens!

I'm betting on the alligators...
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