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MacOS widget goodness comes to Windows

When your business gets steved*, there's only one thing to do: move to another OS. That's what's happened to Konfabulator, the MacOS desktop widget tool. Tiger's Dashboard will do everything that Konfabulator does, just with the Apple seal of approval - killing an innovative project stone dead.

Luckily it's been ported to Windows. So you can now stick cute Konfabulator Widgets all over your pristine Windows desktops. There are lots of widgets available - from clip board extenders and to-do lists, to surf reports and train departure monitors, or binary clocks and dancing cats.

Oh, and lots and lots of web cam viewers...

Or if you really want to know when the last earthquake was...

Like Macromedia's Central, Konfabulator is a tool for developing Rich Internet Applications: small tools that use internet information, but display in small applications, rather than in a browser. After all, you don't really need to fill your screen with Firefox just to read the weather forecast... Konfabulator acts as a host framework, with widgets being developed in JavaScript and XML.

*Yup, it's happened so often there's a word for it...
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