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That camera is watching me...'s following me around...

Seeing as it was sat in the superfluous superfluous tech pile, I figured it was time to install the QuickCam Sphere (sold as the Orbit in the US) that had been lying around for a while. For one thing, it had a stand that could put it at a reasonable height for my desk, and for another, it was a PC camera that looked almost as cool as my iSight. And as it was time to take a look at the next generation of video conferencing software, it seemed an apposite find...

One thing I didn't bargain for was its face-tracker. Every now and then it makes a little whirring noise, and the camera lens moves to follow me around my desk. Now, I may be paranoid, but it's really quite disconcerting to watch it try to focus on where I am.

I thought I was the one watching the watchers, but now it looks as though the machines have one on me...
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