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A New York that never was...

An interesting collection of images of New Yorks that never were, and never will be, on Gridskipper. Zeppelins docking on the Empire State Building, bridges crossing the river instead of tunnels...

Now, if only Gaudi had built his hotel...

A quick Google later and I found more pictures of Gaudi's plans for a organic building the size of the Eiffel Tower.

One of six dining rooms, this one dedicated to Europe. As Matamala remembers it, it was to accommodate four hundred people, who would dine to music played by a large symphony orchestra. The polychrome decoration was to have a mythological theme. The ceiling would be supported by Atlantes and Nereids, symbolically representing the universe of the galaxies.
And maybe ILM would have riffed of some other architect for their "Return of the Jedi" starship designs.
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