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Verity Stob returns (in The Guardian)

The demise of programming magazine .EXE was a sad day for many in the UK IT industry, as it meant the end of Verity Stob's delightful (and vicious) columns. Luckily for us it wasn't the end, and she wrote the odd column for Dr Dobb's (where many of her polemics have disappeared behind a paywall) and The Register...

There's not been much Stob around recently, leaving IT folk around the world starved of irony and satire. However, all is not lost, and you can now buy a best of compilation - The Best Of Verity Stob - and a as a treat for you all, The Guardian has brought you a collection of her thoughts on recent trends in IT:
Firefox? An exemplar of slick and elegant programming and a jewel in the open source crown. I particularly like the way it displays perfectly the website of its archenemy,, yet garbles the spiritual home of its main supporters, Mere commercial organisations might have yielded to the temptation to fix this after a year or so, but not the Firefoxen. That's what I call integrity.
Her real identity a sworn secret (and I've tried worming it out of the few people I know who know who she is!), the divine Ms. Stob, writes code, poetry and satire somewhere in the Thames Valley.
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