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3G Astronomy

Just looking at a rather interesting press release from Orange, which should also catch the fancy of purplecthulhu.

The robotic Faulkes Telescope in Hawaii is being controlled using 3G data cards, so that observers can use their observation slots no matter where they are.
David Bowdley, educational programmes manager for the Faulkes Telescope Project, conducts observing sessions on his laptop using the Orange 3G Mobile Office Card. “The first time I used the card for a session was when I was driving with a friend on the M60 just outside of Manchester. Observing asteroids whilst travelling at 70 mph is quite an experience! The images that come through from the telescope can be quite large, and the Orange network had no problems in transmitting the data. I was really pleased with the download speeds, and 3G really is comparable to broadband. Now if I have an observing session booked when I am going to be on the move or away from the office, I simply log on using the 3G network.”
One thing though - surely he shouldn't have been astounded to be observing asteroids at 70mph, when he's already doing it at 28.13 km/s...
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